About OUR School

Convenient Training

Gary Barker can teach Continuing Education in your conference room, board office or one of the many locations we book each real estate licensing year.

Our Courses

We provide the state approved GENUP course for brokers, The BICUP for Brokers in Charge or those BIC eligible and an approved live elective taught in the afternoon after the mandated update  course.

Gary Barker

Gary has been a North Carolina licensed real estate broker since 1976. He also has an Auctioneer's License and a Professional Engineer's license. In the past he was a General Contractor.  Gary has practiced residential, commercial, and business brokerage. He has worked as a Builder, Engineer and Developer. His real estate teaching experience was acquired at  Craven, Pamlico and Lenoir Community Colleges and at private schools J Y  Monk and Kaplan Professional. Share in his experience by attending one of his classes. He has taught North Carolina Real Estate Continuing Education since 2015.

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